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Someday Drawings

Older, small works on paper at affordable prices.

Each drawing 11" x 8.5

Email for information on how to purchase works. Includes shipping within USA

Each drawing is vertical in format and on 11 x 8.5 inch paper. The medium and paper, are varied.

These drawings are goofy, emotional, abstract, realistic, minimal, maximal, textured, but together make connections to create an autobiographical landscape. This series developed in 2006, out of always using cheap accessible letter size copy paper to work through ideas for new work. Sometimes I would draw over rejection letters from jobs, art residencies or galleries, and this was again the same letter size format.

The work is now completed on a variety of paper and in a variety of media, no longer entirely on the cheap, but always in the original spirit of the process-always open to change. I likened this process to meditation, taking single deep breaths to uncover new work or unclutter my busy mind. These small drawings have always allowed me to transition though work, purging ideas, at the same time being less precious.

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